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Queen Victoria Eugenia’s Aquamarine Tiara - (Spain)

Queen Victoria Eugenia’s Aquamarine Tiara originally belonged to the Spanish Royal Family but when Queen Victoria Eugenia went into exile she distributed her various jewels throughout her family. Like other pieces that belonged to Queen Victoria Eugenia some jewels remain in the various branches of the family but do not belong to the immediate family surrounding King Juan Carlos. Currently the tiara belongs to the Torlonias family, which is a branch of the Spanish Royal Family. 

Over time the Aquamarine Tiara has been altered. The original version of the tiara featured drop pearls and looked completely different from the current version. This is pictured above in the bottom two images. She received the tiara from her husband King Alfonso XIII as a gift. She then reset the tiara to include aquamarines. 

The tiara was passed on to Infanta Beatriz, the daughter of Queen Victoria Eugenia. Infanta Beatriz remolded the tiara to what it looks like today (the top image). This tiara can be worn with the aquamarine pendants or without. 

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